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4 Tricks to Treat Tired Eyes

by Lauren Tharp
by Lauren Tharp

It’s hard to look like a glamour gal when you’re just too darn tired.

I feel ya. Believe me. I’ve been getting up at four in the morning and working 14-hour days to try and whip The Fashion Circle into shape. I am tired – and it shows!

Or, at least, it would show, if I weren’t so good at concealing it. ;)

Here are some of my best tips for hiding tired eyes! You’re welcome.

Tip #1: Apply Caffeine

Drinking caffeinated beverages can make you feel more “awake;” however, they’re not doing your skin any favors. Coffee and other drinks that are loaded with caffeine can dehydrate you over time and end up making your skin look even more tired than it did before!

Instead, try applying eye and face creams that contain caffeine directly onto your skin.

The caffeine within the formulas will stimulate the elastin in your skin, helping to remove excess puffiness and snapping your tired eyes and face back into shape.

Tip #2: Make an Effort to Eat Well

Let’s face it: SLEEP is the best recovery tool for looking tired. But I’m guessing that’s not an option for you right now…

Since proper sleep is off the table for the time being, the least you can do is eat well.

Look for foods that are high in iron, as anemia can make you look AND feel exhausted. Spinach is a great choice as it also increases collagen production – which gives you that youthful glow.

Take potential food allergies or sensitivities into consideration as well. If your body is struggling to digest something you’ve eaten, it’s going to be putting all its focus on that rather than working to make you look good. Plus it’s just darn hard to look great when you’re feeling funky.

Getting enough vitamin C in your diet will also help you look and feel more awake. As a bonus, you can even apply vitamin C – via creams that contain it – to minimize dark spots on your skin!

Tip #3: Experiment with Makeup

Depending on how your body reacts to being tired, you’ll likely end up with one of two things: eye bags or dark circles.

I’m an eye bag girl. My eyes get MEGA puffy when I’m lacking sleep.

To combat this, I line my eyes with THICK eyeliner. I basically cover the entire puffy area with dark makeup. Not only does it make me look fairly glamorous (or, at least, I’d like to think so!), it camouflages the bags. Someone would have to look REALLY closely at my face in order to notice that my eyeliner is a bit more “3D” than usual.

However, if you’re a dark circles kinda gal, then this trick will end up making you look like a zombie.

Instead, opt for lighter colors. Use highlighters and nude-colored eyeliners. Just a dab of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes, plus a nude pencil on your waterline (which will also hide telltale redness!) will help your eyes “pop” with that awake-looking sparkle you’re seeking.

Tip #4: Get Some SLEEP, Girl!

Yeah, yeah. I know. I tried to be understanding of your situation and stay away from tips that involved the S-word. However, it would be irresponsible of me if I didn’t bring it up.

Proper sleep really is the best medicine for tired people. Go figure, right?

I know you’re busy, and you probably “can’t” sleep right now. However, as soon as you can sleep: do so.

Sleeping is essential to your heath (both mentally and physically), and you’ll have to give into the Sandman eventually.

Keep following my first three tips while you have to, but, once you’re able, get some REAL rest. Your beauty regime will thank you.