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Adapting Your Summer Clothes Into A Winter Wardrobe

This year has been one of the hottest summers on record and no doubt most of us have thoroughly enjoyed spending warm summer evenings drinking wine al fresco with our friends. But it’s going to have to come to an end eventually. One of the most depressing things about the end of summer (apart from it actually being the end of summer) is the fact that we have to pack away our summer wardrobes and start covering up again. But it does not have to be this way, and you could, in fact, be adapting your summer clothes into winter wardrobe classics.


Repeat after me…layers, layers, layers! That cute little t shirt too cold for autumn and winter? Just layer a contrasting cardigan over the top or wear a long-sleeved plain top underneath for that quirky 90s feel.

What about those cropped trousers that you literally wore every day during July? Well there’s no reason you have to stop wearing those either! If it’s super cold outside then all your cropped trousers need is to be paired with a pair of ankle boots and a thin pair of tights.

Summer clothes can look cute when layered…even little strappy floral dresses look adorable when you wear a white t shirt underneath and throw a thick wool cardigan over the top.

Break The Rules

The fashion industry bring out new clothing ranges ahead of the next season with the sole purpose of getting us to buy more clothes. Maybe it’s time to break the rules a little?

Adapting summer clothes into winter wardrobe statement pieces is more fun when you know you’re going against the grain a little. So grab those little shorts and wear them with funky coloured tights. Take your summer jumpsuit, throw over a biker jacket and scarf and team with a pair of chunky sandals and cute socks.

Go on try it…it looks super adorable!

Create Your Own Style

It’s all about making your own unique look and not blindly following fashion. If there are items of clothing you absolutely loved from summer then keep wearing them.

Summer dresses can easily be transformed into winter skirts when you add a winter jumper to the mix. Crew neck or turtle neck tops look awesome when worn underneath a jumpsuit and maxi skirts are simply the best clothing item for winter because you can sneakily wear thick tights underneath and no one would even realise! They also look amazing with knee-high boots.

Don’t pack away those summer clothes this winter. By adapting your summer clothes into winter wardrobe, you get to be inventive and have fun mixing summer and winter trends to create your own look. Don’t be afraid to wear colour in autumn and winter either. When it’s grey and miserable outside that’s when we need to see bright colours the most!

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