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All black everything

A lot of women love the black color more than you'd think. The reason behind that is because:
a) you appear skinnier
b) the outfit looks effortless yet stunning
c) you can always pair it up with literally any other color!
So if you are someone who has a lot of black items yet doesn't know how to pair them all up, there might be some ideas for you to check out in the text below!

1. Don't go with cheap items

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

The black color is one of those that once washed out it can look and feel unusable. However, you can't say that about the blue color or even yellow since they can still appear pastel like and pretty. But once you go wrong with black, there is no going back. So remember to pay a bit more money if you want to end up with high-quality items that will last you for ages! It is an investment waiting to happen.

2. Where to shop?

Entire outfit from Zara
Entire outfit from Zara

Shopping for great quality items is something both men and women struggle with. Shopping online is a lot of the times a total disaster, so no wonders you can end up looking like a hot mess. So, if you are someone who is willing to spend some outdoor time and search for the right pieces make sure you check some of these places: Zara, Springfield, Bershka, Nike, Adidas, and definitely Victoria Secret. All of these brands are not too expensive and they offer everything from bikinis to loungewear and sportswear.

3. How it should look

Always remember to have a lot of similar black tones when pairing up your outfit. As mentioned above, make sure it is a true black color. Also, make sure they are not too different in terms of quality and fabrics. You can't really wear a black chiffon dress with a black leather vest you know? In the end, if you end up pairing it up properly you will look like a true Hollywood star.

4. Accessories

Adding accessories is a must, no matter the look you are going for. Take a good pair of sunnies, pair them up with some vans sneakers, and a huge black backpack. You can totally pull off that skater chic look and go out to run some errands. Also, black beanies, scarves, and gloves will look fashionable since it is all about the details.

5. The little black dress

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Women who love going out on dates, dinners, or even clubs will love this combo. There is nothing sexier than a little black dress, some stiletto heels, and a silky long coat. Even your jewelry can be all black, as well as your little clutch. In the end, you can wear any of these items on their own, or paired up completely differently with some others colors as well.

Shopping for black items is not that hard at all, and the most important part is finding the right shopping place. Once you figure that out it gets easy then on.

This article was originally published on @ajlas95