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Eyelash Extensions. Worth it?

by Lauren Tharp
by Lauren Tharp

Like any busy working girl (and dog mom of two), I’ll try anything to save myself a few extra minutes in the morning!

Recently, I’ve been very interested in eyelash extensions. They’re all over Instagram and a few beauty gurus I follow have them. I had seen them before on a few of my friends and was impressed by how pretty and natural they looked so I had to try this beauty trend.

Before heading to the nearest salon that offers these services I suggest you do your research and weigh out the pros and cons. It took me nearly two weeks to decide if I truly was ready to commit to having them and asked so many questions. Do they truly stay put? Are they uncomfortable? I also researched pricing and quality of service from various places. A lot of salons near my area offer the eyelash extensions for $100 and up.

After asking my friend at work, she suggested a location near her that only cost $80 for a full set. This was the most reasonable price I’d come across so I was sold!

It was easy to make an appointment by phone but they also have appointments online through Yelp.

I made my way over on my day off and made sure I cleaned my face and had no makeup on.

The salon was very clean and I was early so it wasn’t even busy. Next thing you should know before you go in is you have to have the patience to lay there for at least a whole hour with your eyes closed. (I, fortunately, had a long night beforehand so I simply took a nap and woke up with the longest fullest set of lashes ever!)

My lash tech was helpful in giving me tips for maintenance after she was done, she explained I needed to brush them out daily with a clean spooly wand (which she gives you after you pay for the services).

Avoiding any oils around the eyelid area is key. It’s been nearly two weeks now and my lashes still look great! They’re also not uncomfortable at all – sometimes I forget I even have them on until I go to rub my eye!

I’ve also saved a lot of time during my morning makeup routine. I don’t even wear eyeshadow anymore since my lashes already are so dramatic. If you’re not that into makeup but still want that extra feminine look without the fuss I definitely recommend investing in eyelash extensions. Maintenance is super easy and refills are only $25 after three weeks.

The salon I went to is called Lavish Nails in Glendora, CA. My lash tech is Tran and she was absolutely amazing, friendly, and very helpful. She even helps you decide what lash pattern will suit your face – like doll lashes or cat eye. She gave me a cat eye look and I am so happy with the finished result.

Eyelash extensions are a total game changer! Are they worth it? Absolutely! Go for it.