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CHRISTIAN CORNER: What Does God Have to Say About Fashion?

by Lauren Tharp
by Lauren Tharp

The most important element of your style doesn’t come on a hanger, in a box (sorry, Louboutin) or in a case at Tiffany’s (although that might be nice.)

It doesn’t cost you a dime, or even last month’s salary.

You rock it like no one else, and you wear it everywhere.

In every season of your life it’s your statement piece.

Your faith, as your fashion.

Your own personal brand of beautiful.

Faith and fashion don’t seem to go together like flip flops and sun hats or dresses and heels.

In fact, to some, fashion might seem frivolous – self-serving.

But when you think about it, fashion is one of God’s greatest gifts.

Our Lord didn’t create a monochrome world.

With His paintbrush he blended the soft muted colors of the rainbow, and ignited the fiery beauty of a sunset sparkling on the ocean.

He gave you, His beloved child, JOY in the expression of His great love – whether through words, music, dance, art, or (yes) even fashion.

I think fashion, as a form of God’s tender handiwork, isn’t about overspending on purchases or making our possessions idols.

It’s more about fashion as a connector to our souls…our unique expression of the Holy One who gives us “life and breath and all things.” (Acts 17:25)

The faith we represent with our fashion gives us confidence to step boldly into the life God has prepared for us.

This pairing of faith and fashion has a lot to do with dressing to reflect ourselves as expressions of God’s love.

Think of fashion as wearing colors and fabrics and accessories that make us feel beautiful.

Our best for His glory.

All For Him.

Years ago my husband and I took our children to a crisis center for women who survived domestic violence. We brought diapers and formula and gently-used toys our little ones had outgrown.

On our tour of the facility the director stopped at a door and said with a smile, “This is the Magic Closet.”

She opened the door to a room with clothes…in every size, every color, beautifully displayed on floor-to-ceiling shelves or hung on thousands of hangers. Organized by age and style and color and function – from toddler’s fuzzy footed pajamas to winter coats and business suits.

And the shoes! For some, it would have been paradise.

Slippers and snow boots and stilettos.

Little ones could choose light-up sneakers with superheroes or shiny black patent leather buckle-up flats perfect for a tutu dress and twirling in front of a mirror.

A huge dresser, with drawers overflowing with jewelry, took me by surprise. The Magic Closet seemed to belong in a fairy tale.

But for the women at the center, finding beautiful new clothes was the first step on a long road to their happily-ever-after.

“Many of our residents come here in the middle of the night,” the director explained, “Often they arrive directly from a hospital, after a domestic assault, in clothes that are torn and dirty, and some sadly, in a hospital gown.”

“They step into The Magic Closet afraid and often ashamed. They come out with fresh, clean clothes, dignity and hope for a better future.”

I learned how many women find their first appropriate outfit to wear to a job interview in the Magic Closet.

I heard of children who screamed with joy when they donned shoes with no holes.

A little boy said, “With no holes in my shoes, my socks won’t get wet when it rains.”

With their new kicks, these children felt special. Loved.

And they are. And so are you.

In that moment I realized how fashion, and feeling beautiful, transforms lives and gives self-confidence.

Your fashion is a way to reflect the creativity of the One who made you, a beautiful expression of the you that God created you to be.

And whether you demurely adorn that beautiful you with tiny pearl earrings from your grandmother or you sport bold animal prints in neon colors, remember that your faith, and the way you choose to express it, is really an expression of God’s art, His beauty.

God wants us to feel beautiful.

That is faith and fashion.

Wear it well, beautiful one.