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FRANKLY SPEAKING: Men Don’t Care About Your Stretch Marks (And Other “Imperfections”)

by Lauren Tharp
by Lauren Tharp

Let’s face it: both men and woman have a “beauty standard” they feel like they must uphold.

There are people who drive themselves MAD trying to meet those standards with expensive surgeries, unhealthy dieting habits, and so on. We all strive for flawless skin, an amazing figure (or physique), and an impressive sense of fashion, regardless of the price.

I’m here to tell you in the most polite way possible: CHILL OUT, LADIES!

After speaking to a TON of females, there seems to be a common thread of things that women worry will tarnish their “beauty.”

Please, try to accept the fact that MOST men don’t give a single flying flick about the imperfections that drive you crazy.

With this fact in mind, here are some “imperfections” you should stop worrying so much about:

Stretch Marks

When talking with countless women, I learned that one of the most common causes of poor self-confidence centers around stretch marks.

I’m not here to tell you that men LOVE stretch marks, but I AM here to tell you that men couldn’t care less about these extraordinarily common “imperfections.” Everyone knows that stretch marks can occur for a number of reasons, specifically, when someone gains or loses a bunch of weight.

Let’s take a trip to “Sh*t That Never Happened Land.” There has never been a man interested in a woman…until she takes her clothes off and he sees her stretch marks. If you say it out loud, you’ll realize how silly it sounds. “Well, I WAS interested in you until I spotted those little lines on your side when you took your shirt off.”

It will never happen.

Here is an extra tip, ladies: IF a guy ever tries to turn you down over your stretch marks, leave him in the dust. Obviously, he isn’t worth your time if something so simple and insignificant bothers him. I PROMISE YOU, there are countless guys who will adore you without thinking twice about your stretch marks.

A Couple Extra Pounds

We are entering dicey territory here, and that’s okay! I need to start with a disclaimer, so here it goes…

Disclaimer: I do not advocate for “fat acceptance” in the Social Justice Warrior sense. It’s pivotal that you take good care of yourself, including regular exercise and a somewhat healthy diet. This next bit mostly refers to women who feel that they need swimsuit model bodies in order to look attractive to men.

There is nothing wrong with WANTING a swimsuit body. However, we need to come to terms that for many of us, (both men and women) that isn’t always possible.

You can rest easy knowing that men are not constantly looking for women with a “flawless” body shape.

Actually, let me backtrack. Sometimes a little extra chub on a girl IS a flawless body shape for men. Personally, I like a girl with that’s a little chubby, and I’m not alone.

Countless men feel the same exact way. If you’re worried that you are ten pounds overweight and think you’ll never find a suitable partner – stop it right now.

As previously mentioned, the whole SJW “fat acceptance” trend is a little alarming, but that doesn’t mean that beauty doesn’t come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Women enjoy different sizes of men as well, so this is nothing new! Women have personal preferences and some enjoy slim men, and others enjoy chubby men with beards. If that standard works for women, I assure you, men feel the same exact way.

Your Sense of Style

Everyone has a unique sense of style. You’re not always able to match your clothes and accessories “just right,” and that’s okay! There are an alarming number of women who worry that men are looking at their clothes and thinking things like, “Is that an AQUA dress with SKY BLUE HEELS?! BLAH!”

I’m going to clear this up right now: men only see about 8 different colors total. Just kidding. But, seriously, men are not going to turn their nose up at you because your clothing colors don’t match perfectly, or that you decided to wear slip-on shoes with a dress.

Feel free to explore different styles and outfits without worrying about judgment from guys – or anyone else for that matter. You deserve to feel both beautiful and unique.

If someone is interested in you, your sense of style is not going to be a deal breaker. They should want to know about YOU – your dreams, your desires, your personality; not whether your tank top clashes with your skirt.

These three factors are some of the most common things women think are going to ruin their chances of attracting a potential partner. You should take a step back and recognize that you are unique in every way. Your body, your style, and your personality all merge to make you…well, you.

Don’t you ever give up a piece of your essence to make someone else happy. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. There is someone out there that will be willing to want to get to know you, love you, and care for you, regardless.

The moral of the story here: contrary to popular belief, men are not quite as picky as you might think. Frankly speaking, guys are far more concerned about the content of your soul over your appearance.