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Get ready in less than 20!

You probably got up this morning and had no idea how you ended up sleeping in. Happens to a lot of us (I am one of them as well, don't worry).
Perhaps you wanted your makeup to look as flawless but now you feel like it is not manageable. Well, you can have it all, if you just follow these simple 8 tips!

1: Stick To The Common

If you are in a rush don't reach for makeup items that are not your everyday essentials. Playing it safe is the key here. No reason to go for heavy eyeliners, glitters, or even shadows that are not in your daily makeup routine.

2: Foundation

I highly recommend skipping the foundation if you are short on time. Rather go with a BB cream or a full coverage concealer and blend it all in with your fingers. This way you will look your best without caking it all up on the face. At this point, it is even okay to skip the setting of the foundation, as long as you didn't use too much of it.

3: Eyeshadow

Keep it natural and neutral! Apply an eyeshadow shade that matches your natural lid color the best. Apply it with your finger all over the lid and blend out the corners just so that it ends up looking seamless. Then, make sure to do your lashes with your favorite mascara, but don't curl your lashes since you might hurt yourself in the rushing process.

4: Lips

Go with the nude! Nude lip pencil, lipstick, or even a lipgloss is crucial at this point. It looks natural so it is okay if you make a tiny mistake, not that many people will notice it since the color is not as vibrant. Also, don't overdraw at this point, you might regret it later during the day when your colleges start looking at you weirdly.

5: Glow

The highlighter is your biggest friend, as well as the bronzer. Thanks to these two you will look all glammed up and ready for the day. However, make sure you apply a lot of a highlighter but not that much of a bronzer. The highlighter will give you that wet healthy skin look, while the bronzer will put some dimension upon your face. But chances are you are a lot more precise with packing shimmer on the face rather than precisely contouring your cheeks.

6: Brows

Your eyebrows probably take the longest to do, and that is the case with almost every other woman. At this point, you won't be able to do much, besides to go for the eyebrow gel. Luckily, Maybelline is here to rescue you! Their Brow Precise Fiber Filler Mascara is the best thing that you can go for. It is a brow gel (or mascara if you will) that has tiny little fibers with awesome and obvious color payoff. Just two coats of this over your brows and you will be pleased for sure!

7: Hair

Messy buns are always a trend! No matter if you are going out to work, class, or just out with your friends, you can pull this hairstyle off. It is quick, easy, and definitely beautiful. Just make sure it is tight enough and bring some extra bobby pins with you, just in case it starts acting out weirdly during the day.

8: Outfit

What you are going to wear is entirely up to you and your preferences. However, reaching for bold and vibrant prints should not be your thing, unless you know exactly what are you going to pair it up with. A lot of the black color might be your best choice, doesn't matter if it is in a shape of skirts, pants, dresses or even sweatpants.

There you have it, the magic 8 rules that you should follow along if you want to look your best! It works every time, you just got to trust your gut and to stick to the safe zone.

This article was originally published on @ajlas95