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Get The Kim K x Mario Look On A Budget!

The world has gone crazy over the new KKW x Mario palette. It is extremely pigmented and looks like something you have never seen before. However, what if I told you that you can get the exact same outcome and spend 50% less money?

Elegant blue smokey eye — by Ajla Suceska
Elegant blue smokey eye — by Ajla Suceska


The palette itself is $45 and you get 10 eyeshadows as well as a large mirror. Colors are very warm, neutral, sparkly, and definitely sultry and sexy. However, what if I told you that you can get the exact same thing but for less $?

Also, KKW sells a bundle that includes an eyeshadow palette, two lip glosses, and a lipstick. The bundle itself is sold at $85, but you can definitely find dupes for all of the products.

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska


The well known Juvia's Place has got a lot to offer, meaning ta-da- shadows.
All of her palettes are below $25 and are highly pigmented. When you look at the color schemes, it turns out that Juvia's Place Nubian 2 is a great dupe for KKW palette.

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

The YouTube Community

If you are a fan of Nicki tutorials you already know that she is a huge fan of Juvia and her shadows, therefore these have been Nicki approved!

Also, a beauty youtuber Violet stated that she believes that Juvia's palettes are a great dupe for KKW. Hover, she recommended another palette called Masquerade Palette.


The lipstick is sold at $20 and it is the perfect nude color for all the skin tones. However, it is sold out most of the time, plus, $20 for a lipstick?

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

NYX Lipstick- Bare With Me

Please ''Bare With Me'' as I try to convince you into buying this lipstick. NYX has got a lot to offer at a reasonable price. This lovely creamy matte shade is only $6 and is the perfect dupe for KKW.

You can also go for their Butter lipsticks if you are into satin finishes and try out ''Tan lines'', you will definitely love both of these.

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska


Both of Kim's simple and elegant nudes are sold at $18 and they look perfect no matter the look you are going for, plus, they can be worn on both darker and lighter skin complexions.

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska


If you are a fan of Maybelline you are going to love this dupe. Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer is a great gloss that is sexy and affordable. At only $8, you can have either the color Unreal or Tease. Both of these will do you justice and still look like KKW glosses.

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Do The Math

If you want to buy an entire KKW x Marion bundle it will cost you $85. However, if you go with these suggestions then you are looking at $47 ($25 for the palette, $6 for the lipstick and $16 for two glosses).

The choice? Entirely up to you.

The outcome? Exactly the same.

This article was originally published on @ajlas95