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High-End Maternity Brands To Stay Fashionable During Pregnancy

by J.S. von Dacre
by J.S. von Dacre

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, inspired a new generation to stay fashionable during pregnancy. Well into her third trimester, she remained chic and sophisticated in her favourite high-end maternity brands.

Apart from perhaps a trendy handbag, there used to be little that a woman could do to remain in style.

There were very few options to be fashionable during pregnancy, and not many high-end maternity brands to choose from.

Even in the time of the late Princess Diana, who is often regarded as one of the last century’s greatest fashion icon, choices were very limited.

During her pregnancies with Prince William and Prince Harry, she was seen in the customary long, baggy and flowing dresses.

And in the generation before, it was believed that pregnant women should simply not be seen.

In fact, there are very few photographs of Queen Elizabeth during her pregnancies.

Luckily, times have since changed with women like Kate and other celebrities proudly celebrating their pregnancies in the public eye.

So for anyone who may want to stay fashionable during pregnancy, here we round up the top high-end maternity brands.


Séraphine is not only a favourite of Kate’s, but also popular with many celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis and many more, during their pregnancies.

It is a high-end maternity brand that simply oozes class and fabulous designs–for just about any occasion.

It’s founder, Cécile Reinaud, started the label in 2002 after she found it challenging to find fashionable clothes when she was pregnant.

Pietro Brunelli

Coming from the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Pietro Brunelli has made a mark for women by designing a feminine and sophisticated line for pregnant women.

It is a leading high-end maternity brand that is sold in 23 countries.

by Pixabay
by Pixabay

Hatch Collection

Hatch Collection is a trendy line that has a wide array of options for women to be fashionable during pregnancy.

It consists of everyday wear from jeans to sweaters to dresses. And of course, they manage to keep the styles very practical and comfortable for the mother-to-be.

Rachel Pally

With a line that features flattering maxi dresses with the perfect fabric that is comfortable for any pregnant woman, Rachel Pally has made a firm mark in maternity fashion.

It comes as no surprise that its unique designs have been seen on celebs such as Beyonce.

Tiffany Rose

This high-end maternity brand specialises in luxury eveningwear for those glamorous events.

Their range is designed to flatter a growing bump with timeless designs and fabrics.

The British brand first started in 2003 and has since grown to cater to a global market.

By 2013, the label was the winner of The Queen’s Award, which is one of the most prestigious accolades of business success, due to their rapid growth in the international market.

Tiffany Rose has also launched a unique nursing wedding dress to cater to breast-feeding mothers.

Isabella Oliver

Another celebrity favourite is Isabella Oliver, with stars such as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner seen wearing this high-end maternity brand.

Their designs aim to flatter the feminine form with an almost effortless grace, using beautiful an soft fabrics.

The label claims to have dressed over one million women all over the world.

Did you manage to stay fashionable during pregnancy? And if so, what were your top fashion tips?