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How To Build Your Inner 'Boss Lady'

Being a boss isn’t easy. But, being a boss LADY is even harder.

Being a boss doesn’t mean that you’re evil and egoistic. It means that you’ve got your life together. The key to become a boss lady is having true confidence and loving yourself to the max. It took me a lot of time to really love myself. It took me a lot of pain, resentment, jealousy, happiness, discomfort, and tears.

Be grateful for the bad times because they build your confidence like muscles. Muscles work only if you do. That’s why the worst moments of your life are the best trainers. You can’t be a boss lady if you don’t:

1. Dream Big

No dream is big enough for a boss lady. Always go for that extra mile and give that extra push. Sometimes we are more afraid of the things that we can do in contrast to the thing we can’t. That’s why a boss lady never fears anything. Set a goal and GO for it, guuuurl!

2. Think Before You Act

A boss lady never charges towards anything before thinking twice. She calculates every move and knows when and how to act. Sometimes you need to say something in a certain situation, sometimes you have to keep it to yourself.

3. Have Empathy

A lot of people think that empathy is a sign of a weak character. In fact, empathy makes you understand people better. You help them and they help you too. Helping other people will give you another perspective in life.

4. Don’t Take Any Crap

You are kind and caring but never let anyone take advantage of you. Know your true and fake friends. If anyone tries to use your nurturing nature, give them HELL and make them never think of using your again. Boundaries are key.

5. Dress to Impress – Yourself

Seriously, start wearing things that you are comfortable and feel sexy in. You don’t have to wear fashionable clothes and hating them. Nobody look beautiful and sexy if they’re uncomfortable. If you feel sexy in a white –shirt and basic blue jeans, do it. If you feel sexy in a tutu, do it. If you want to wear a cowboy hat to the market, do it. Who cares, if you don’t?

Queen Elizabeth II & Anna Wintour — by unknown
Queen Elizabeth II & Anna Wintour — by unknown

6. Say No Sometimes

This may contradict with #3 but say no sometimes if a better choice for everybody. It wouldn’t mean that you’re negative or selfish. It just means that you’re making a better choice for yourself and for people other people around you. You might lose a few people but those people weren’t for you anyway.

7. Say Yes Sometimes

Agreeing to something you might not want to do, will help you grow in life. Be selective in these situations. You have to step up and grab life by the neck. You never know what kind of opportunity is lurking in the shadows. Go out there and conquer.


I cannot emphasize this enough, for real. True confidence comes from within. It takes a lot of transformation and evolution. Start accepting yourself like you are and never let anyone change you because you will give away your power – the power of being YOU. Nobody has that power except yourself. Take on each day and learn new things along the way. Remember, always be patient because after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your world is bigger than Rome or any other city in the world.

This article was originally published on @nickyk