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How to Create an Effective Halloween Look Using Body Glitter

It’s officially autumn and that can only mean one thing; Halloween is looming. It’s an exciting time of year for those who love to play dress up as their favourite horror character, or any character for that matter. So whether you’re planning on transforming into a zombie pride or angelic princess, see below a guide on how to create an effective Halloween look using body glitter:

Skin Prep

Before you start trying to recreate your favourite horror movie character look, remember skin prep is important. It’s likely you’ll be piling on the fake blood and glitter, so you need to make sure your skin is ready. Moisturise more than you usually would, and then apply a long-lasting primer so your makeup stays intact. You can use a two-in-one moisturiser and primer to save time, they work just as well. After you’ve applied your Halloween makeup, keep it all in place with some setting spray so you won’t have to keep reapplying through the night.

It’s All About the Eyes

Though much of the attention will be on your amazing costume, don’t neglect your epic face makeup. Playing around with your eye makeup can completely transform your overall look. Most people love to wear fake contacts for an extra spooky effect. There are many colours available now when it comes to contacts; from blood red to haunting white. Coordinate your coloured contacts with some chunky glitter makeup for a striking look. This doesn’t have to be limited to glittery eyeshadow, bring the glitter around to highlight your cheekbones.

Sparkly Fake Blood

Add another dimension to your Halloween makeup by using glitter as fake blood! This is an amazing way to add some glamour to your costume if you’re going to a party. Simply mix some cosmetic glitter in with the mix for fake blood and dab it everywhere you want to create a gory bleeding effect.

Blend with Horror Makeup

Horror makeup is an essential Halloween look. Whether you want to make it look like you’ve had a chunk taken out of your cheek or you’re missing part of your arm, makeup can take your costume to the next level. Using glitter is a unique way to wear horror makeup, meaning you’ll definitely turn some heads when you walk down the street. If you’re opting for a horror zombie bride and don’t want to look too scary or gruesome, then dazzling glitter makeup is a fantastic alternative.

Sprinkle Some in Your Hair

If you’re going for a less horrifying look and are dressing up as your favourite character or celebrity, then maybe you’ll also want to keep your makeup subtler. In which case, try sprinkling some party glitter in your hair for a shimmering addition to your costume. This works particularly well if you wear your hair in a centre parking and add some glitter down the middle.

How Will You Dress Up This Halloween?

You can create some amazingly horrifying looks with glitter this Halloween, so who will you be going as this year? Remember, skin prep is important and avoid using the glitter too close to your eyes. Try out some glitter looks on your friends so you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd wherever you’re celebrating Halloween.