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How to do a black smokey eye?

Doing a big bold black smokey eye may be a skill that you still haven't conquered, but in a no time, you will master it! It's all about just getting the right equipment, having a precise hand, and some patience. Just read the following 8 tricks and you will nail it!

#1: Eyes come first

A lot of women do not know that eyes should be your priority #1 when doing a black smokey eye.

The reason behind that is because the amount of fallout is insane.

Black eyeshadows can create a mess on your face and your whole foundation might fall apart! And once you mess it up with the black shadow, there is no coming back..

That is why you should finish up the eyes before moving onto the face.

2: The base

Prime your lids!

Eyeshadow primer is as important as your face primer.

You can't really achieve much if you don't have a good base.

Some of the highly recommended ones are the NYX HD concealer as well as the Tarte Shape Tape!

Make sure you blend them in with your fingers ( or even a beauty blender) before moving onto the next step.

3: The powder

Take a bit of a translucent powder and set your lids before moving onto colors.

It can be any powder, although a highly recommended one is the Laura Mercier translucent powder.

Take a bit of it and swoop it around your lids with a fluffy brush.

4: Eyeshadows

Practice and patience are the key points if you are trying to achieve the perfect smokey eye.

Get yourself a palette that has a lot of cool toned brown and black shades.

Morphe 350 is a great example of what you'll be needing.

This palette is highly inexpensive and has a lot of shades that you can use to play around.

#5: Build up

Building up the color should be easy, as long as you follow the rules.

Remember to always start with the lightest color possible, and gradually add up to 3-4 darker shades. The picture in the corner might break things down a lot easier.

Side note: Make sure you use clean fluffy blending brushes for each of the shades!

6: Black

After you are satisfied with your smokiness it is time for the black eyeshadow.

You can apply it onto the lid with your fingers, or by using a flat synthetic brush.

You can even wet the brush with some Mac fix + to achieve the maximum color payoff.

When it comes to shadows, Inglot black eyeshadow, as well as the Inglot gel liner shade 77 might be your best options.

These two will look great on the lid since they can last an entire night and they look truly black.

7: Lashes

Applying falsies is a must when you have this amount of makeup going on.

Take your favorite pair and apply them with your tweezers.

Some of the lashes that everyone has been loving worldwide are Huda Beauty lashes, as well as the Lilly Lashes.

Then, add some coats of your favorite mascara to seal the deal, both on your upper and lower lashes.

8: Final touch-ups

Some of the ground rules after achieving this black smokey eye:

  1. No RED lipsticks! Since your makeup is bold and dark you can't have a darker lip color. Stick to the nude tones and you will love it, even a glossy option might be your way to go.

2. A lot of highlighter! This one is a must for the eyes and in the inner corners as well as the eyebrow highlight. Everywhere else should be based upon your preferences. Chin, nose, cheek- you figure that out yourself.

3. Set it! Never forget to set your makeup, especially when working with black. Use any setting spray you prefer and you will be set for the day!