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How To Wear Electric Neon Makeup This Summer

All the colours of the rainbow... — by Pexels
All the colours of the rainbow... — by Pexels

Nothing sums up summer better than bright, fun colours on everything from beach bags to dresses and even cocktails! But another great way to incorporate them is in your eyeshadow. One of the key catwalk trends this year has been big, bold eyes so here are our top tips on how to wear electric neon makeup this summer.

Prime of your life

The first step to all great eyeshadow designs is in how you prep your lids. This will not only guarantee a smooth base on which to start, but primers make colours stand out more and stay on longer.

Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion is one of the best for all-nighter colour without any creasing.

It’s all in the lines

If you really want your eyes to pop when you’re looking for neon eyeshadow ideas for summer, try choosing a bright eyeliner and then use a white eyeliner to draw a line in the same shape through the centre of the first colour. This technique of white on bright actually makes your eyes appear brighter and is perfect for the festival scene!

All the tools of the trade... — by Sophie Chadwick
All the tools of the trade... — by Sophie Chadwick

Orange you bored of black?

Forget the classic smokey eye or dark eyeliner wing you may be used to and go for a vivid summery orange on lids or as a slim line to add serious wow factor.

Play around with a few different orange shades until you find one you like and then work it!

Layer it up

Another way to wear electric neon makeup this summer is by layering.

Go for three colours that work well together and ideally blend into one another to create a dramatic layered lid. Try a neon pink eyeliner with a lighter pink base eyeshadow that blends into lilac, or a neon blue liner that fades into pale blue and then silver for a mesmerising evening look.

Beautiful blending

The best way to pull off your favourite neon eyeshadow comes down to the way in which you apply it.

If you’re going for something fancier than a single block colour, remember to blend to make your eyes look ‘oh my!’ rather than ‘oh no!’ A good tip is to keep the brightest colour closest to your eye and work your way out with milder colours before blending the colour nearest your brow bone out. This stops your makeup from ending abruptly and instead gives a hazy illusion of soft colour to maximise your eyes.

Want to complete your look with glowing skin? Check out our article on How To Get Naturally Glowing Skin This Summer or tell us about your favourite neon eyeshadow styles below!

This article was originally published on @sophiechadwick