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Is it Time to Ditch the Highlighter Makeup Powder?

Every few years we get a new makeup trend that completely alters everything – a game changer like highlighter makeup powder.

In the 70s, we aggressively plucked our eyebrows in order to get enviable thin arches and teamed this with frosted, coral lipstick. In the 80s, we lost our minds a little and really went to town with makeup, covering our eyelids with blue eyeshadow and spraying our perms with enough hairspray to kill an elephant. The 90s saw us with white powdered faces, red lipstick and brown eyes - think Winona Ryder and you’ve got the gist. But what about the noughties? We had thicker, more prominent eyebrows, fuller glossy lips and heavily shaded contouring. Yet, highlighter makeup powder is the one trend that seems to be totally hit or miss.

If it isn’t something you use, then this trend must have flown over your head in a sparkly cloud. Most people have dabbled with highlighter, and for those who use this product minimally, there are hundreds who seem to have bathed themselves in the stuff!

Is it time to ditch the highlighter makeup?

When used correctly, a little dab will accentuate the best areas of your face. Carefully applied, good quality highlighter makeup powder will attract a certain glow to your eyes, lips and cheekbones, which in turn, will make your skin look more youthful and give the illusion of higher cheekbones and fuller lips.

Unfortunately, not everyone can do “careful”. More often than not, we see girls coated in so much highlighter (so messily applied) that it highlights the wrong area of their faces! How many girls have you seen with bright white circles on the tips of their nose? Have a trawl through Instagram, and you’ll literally see it everywhere and it just looks…odd. And sometimes, oily.

When applied correctly, highlighter makeup powder can look great. But even then, it can look a little too polished and sleek. Shading and highlighting can make everyone look a little they’re walking around with a permanent Insta filter. In other words, it can look very fake.

A little goes a long way with makeup. A little rouge on the cheeks to give a pinched look is cute, as is a dusting of highlighter in the right places. The key to good make up is that it should look like we’re not wearing much makeup. Highlighter should be like a little secret that draws subtle attention to the right places, but not in an obvious way.

Is it time to ditch the highlighter? Probably not. We just need to remember that way less is way more!

What do you think? Are you a highlighter make up fan or not?