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Is Microneedling At Home Really Safe?

Dermarolling or microneedling is the latest beauty trend to hit Instagram and YouTube with celebrities, bloggers, vloggers and probably even your next door neighbour, banging on about how amazing it is. If you haven’t heard of it before then it’s likely to sound a little daunting, but microneedling is literally all the rage at the moment. Essentially, microneedling involves rolling a device across your face which has hundreds of tiny needles that penetrate your skin…sounds like fun doesn’t it?!

Up until recently, microneedling was only performed by experts in salons but like most things, it’s now available for home use. The question remains – is microneedling at home a safe practice and what does it do to your skin?

The Science Bit

Before we go further, it probably makes sense to answer the most obvious question on everyone’s minds. Why stick needles in your face and is it as painful as it sounds?

Lightly rolling tiny needles across your face creates miniscule punctures that essentially create small injuries to your skin. When this happens, you force your skin into repair mode and then it goes into overdrive creating extra collagen and elastin, which together make your skin plumper and softer. When used in conjunction with the right type of serum and oils it also forces the product deeper into your skin, which is much more beneficial than products which just sit on the surface of your skin.

The Dangers of Microneedling at Home

There are many dangers to microneedling at home to be aware of before trying this for yourselves.

You’ll need to make sure that your dermaroller is good quality and has strong titanium needles no longer than 0.5mm since the longer sizes are only safe for salon use. Before dermarolling, it is absolutely essential to sterilise your device using surgical spirit and then soak in washing up liquid after each use. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of pushing bacteria deep into your skin and getting a skin infection or scarring. So, it is essential to sterilise and clean properly before each use.

Is It Worth It?

Whilst some say that microneedling at home isn’t painful, others find it quite uncomfortable, but it entirely depends on your pain threshold. It shouldn’t cause pain unless you’re rolling too deep.

When you use the product correctly for up to 3-4 times a week with a good serum or oil (we love 100% organic rosehip oil) then you should definitely see a difference in the tone and texture of your skin.

Is it worth the risk? Well that’s up to you. If you’re going to try microneedling at home then it is important to consult a professional first and get advice on the best methods that may be suited for you. Remember, people have different skin types and potential reactions, so do speak to the professionals before embarking on any microneedling journey!

Happy needlin’ !