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Jenny's Gem of Wisdom:On The Road to Reaching Your Goals, Look Everywhere but Backward

by Jennifer Hansford
by Jennifer Hansford

“You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.”

There’s a TV show here in Canada called Canada’s Worst Driver, and in it, the judges always teach the people who to ‘Look where you want to go.” They tell this to the people because they want people to focus on the road ahead of them, and to not be distracted by other things that make them look away from the road they are on.

I think this this can be applied to every thing else in life. We must always have a goal to focus on, something, that thing that keeps us moving forward, so not only must we always keep our eyes forward, but we must look all around us too. Look everywhere, except backward, and you will find things that do keep moving you forward.

I saw the quote above, in the window of a martial arts studio in the town I live, and even though it’s a small town, I had never noticed this before, because I don’t usually spend a lot of time on that side of town, but I happened to look to my left while sitting in the backseat of the vehilcle I was riding in.

I’m always looking for inspiration, and most of the time, I try to find it from other people, but sometimes I forget to look for the inspiration that’s right in front of me, or right beside me.

So, when I saw this quote, it meant a lot to me, beacause over the last five years or so, I’ve been feeling like I’m not getting to where I should be, when I should be getting there. But then I realized, there is no set time for you to arrive at a goal, just as long as you keep moving toward it, even when a whole bunch of obstacles get in your path and try to block you from getting there. You have to just keep looking where you want to go, and that means looking forward, looking to the left and to the right, but never look backward.

The path to doing great things is very rarely completely smooth, but there’s nothing so rough that you can’t keep going. Speed bumps in the road don’t mean you stop travelling, you just may need to slow down a bit or find a new route, but never, ever put on those breaks permanently.

Health issues tried to stop me, but I didn’t let it. They might have slowed me down, but I was able to find other ways to keep working toward all the goals that live in my mind, and find ways to bring them to life. When I was at my weakest, I found out just how strong I am, and that is an amazing feeling. Remaining strong, and trying to help other people be strong is my greatest goal, especially bringing comfort and strength to the people who gave it to me.

So, as you are walking your path or driving on the road to achieving everything you want, you must always remember to keep looking where you want to go, and look everywhere but backward!

This article was originally published on @jennyh