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Let’s talk about Contouring and Highlighting your face

by Vindya Vithana
by Vindya Vithana

Okay, how many of you have tried to do a perfect contour and highlight that you see on Youtube and Instagram all the time, and failed at it miserably? Too many, I am sure.

Let’s face it, we all just tend to get distracted by how pretty the Youtube Makeup Gurus are and the way they perfectly blend their contour lines that we just end up not paying attention to how they do it.

It is about time that someone sits down and actually put together a proper guide on what to do and what not to do when doing this handy makeup technique which can make any face go from “meh” to “wow”!

Let me try and get you a quick but complete set of tips on perfectly contouring and highlighting your face.

The Science behind Contour and Highlight

To put it simply, Contour and Highlight is a way of manipulating the way light touches your skin to achieve the illusion of a more chiseled look to your face. With the help of a warm or cool toned color that is a few shades darker than your skin (contour) and a color that is a few shades lighter than your skin (highlight), you are adding more definition to your face, enhancing your natural looks.

Once you have successfully contoured and highlighted, the darker parts of your face will appear thinner/hollowed, while the highlighted parts will appear more visible and prominent. This happens as a result of the ways the light reflects off your face - simple science.

What to do

by Vindya Vithana
by Vindya Vithana

- Find the right color/shade

The first step to perfecting contouring and highlight is finding the right colors. To give yourself a nice and smooth base, use a dewy foundation in a color that perfectly matches your skin.

For the contouring, the color you choose should be only one or two shades darker than your natural skin color. If you go too dark, your finished look would most likely look muddy and unnatural. Same with the highlight. Do not go too light in color – just one or two shade lighter.

- Find the right formula

The formula of the product that you use for contouring is also important. A rule of thumb is to always stick to matte finish products when you contour.

- Carefully pick the features that you want to contour and highlight

For a natural looking contour, you should define the places that you want to look hollow and thinner. Usually, this means your cheekbones, nose, and the jawline. Highlight goes in the places where you want the light to catch. Map it first and then buff it out.

What NOT to do

by Vindya Vithana
by Vindya Vithana

- Don’t apply too much product

When it comes to contouring, a little product goes a long way. Especially if you are starting up on this technique, using a small amount of product will make it easier for you to correct your mistakes as well.

- Don’t go too unnatural on the angle

When you contour your cheekbones, the angle matters quite a lot. Do a little “fish face” to make your cheekbones more prominent so you can see your natural angel better.

- Don’t keep harsh lines

Last but not least, there is nothing more unflattering than un-blended contour lines on your face. So blend, blend, and BLEND SOME MORE.

Let us end the article with a picture of Kim Kardashian, “the kontour kween”- girlfriend sure knows how to rock a perfect contour!

by Vindya Vithana
by Vindya Vithana
This article was originally published on @vindyavithana