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Look fashionable during winter!

Looking fashionable is a must for every woman, but unfortunately, not that many of us know how to do that during winter. Layering layers and layers on yourself feels like the most unflattering thing sometimes, am I right? However, with the right clothes, fabrics, and prints, you can have it all! Even during the harshest winter.

1: Warm coat

If your base is a bit thin and lightweight you will need to go with a well made and warm coat. Don't worry if it is a bit oversized or if you feel like a giant in it, just wear streamlined leggings because they will make your legs look slim.

On the other hand, if you are wearing large fluffy snow boots, wear a slim fit tailored jacket on top. This is the only way to balance these two out.

2: Colors

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

It's all about wearing bold and bright colors.
We highly recommend wearing bright reds, oranges, and definitely green colors during winter. Not only that they are super appropriate for the season, but they are actually cute as well.
We know playing safe and wearing black on black is a rookie mistake, but before you know it, you will be slaying different patterns and colors for sure!
You can go for a bright and flashy coat, boots, pants, or even a bag.
Anything that has that pop of color will look feminine, stylish, and bold at the same time.

3: The scarf

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Wearing a big chunky scarf will give life to any outfit.
You can wear a black long coat with a bright yellow scarf and it will already look fashionable. Just make sure that the scarf is of a high quality since most of the time you can tell that it's poorly made because of the thread and the way they poke out after you wash the scarf.
You can find these scarfs not too pricey at Zara, their quality is more than awesome, especially for the inexpensive price.

4: Beanie

Ages ago hats used to be the thing, nowadays everyone is obsessed with beanies.
They are more of a laid-back option, but they still look cute while keeping you warm.
You can go for a beanie with a print, some simple quote or word written at the front, or basically anything that you find to be pretty.
Put that on, a warm beige furry coat, and spice it up with some accessories.
Actually, you can easily pull off that Instagram baddie look by pairing up a dramatic beanie, pair of sunglasses, red bag, and black leather pants.

5: The prints

Wearing cheetah, colorful prints, or even checkered print is something that will turn the outfit upside down before you know it.
You can stick to nice thick checkered scarfs, bags, or even pants.
They will look high end and glamorous once paired up with the rest of your black & white combination.
On top of this, you could wear a burgundy or even a red bag just to spice up the look and to give it some color.

6: Bag

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Your bag can spice up the whole outfit, as long as it is paired up properly with the entire thing. Ideally, you should have three colors from head to toes and not more.
There is a thin line between looking chic and like a circus clown, so just remember, three colors does the charm!
You can pair up black, beige, and a great pair of blue denim jeans and you will look and feel like million bucks.