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The Lifestyle & Fashion magazine is a community blog that allows passionate bloggers (and readers alike) to talk about their latest beauty tips, the newest fashion trends, and how everyone can live their best life.

Look Stylish 7 Days A Week

Looking stylish has never been easier, it's all about just pairing it up from head to toes and knowing which occasion you are dressing up fr. If you are someone who is looking for ideas on how to dress up from Monday - Sunday, you are at a right place!


by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

We all know it can be a hectic day since the weekend got over and you are still craving your beauty sleep. It happens to all of us, trust me.

So, at this point, you should definitely focus more on the outfit than on your makeup since chances are you won't be able to do your makeup as flawless as you are used to.

Stick to the basic, yet pretty, outfit that you know that you can pull off. Playing it safe yet hot here!

Also, throw on a pair of sunglasses for that cool look. No one will know that it was a rough week, shhh, your secret is safe.


by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Tuesday should be your day to slay.

Go for a smoking hot bodycon skirt and do your makeup like you normally would. Express your style with some additional jewelry as well and with a large tote bag.

Tip: Beach waves will look cute if you are going for that natural beauty look. It also looks the best if you have anything blue, green, or yellow on you.


by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

On Wednesdays, we wear pink!

Since the weather is cold and kind of gray you can light it up by wearing a bright pink turtleneck sweater! It can look cute with any skirt or pants you throw on and a cute neutral bag.

Tip: Possibly go for something white or denim since those color will make the color pink pop the best!


by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

There should always be a day in a week when you show your black casual Instagram baddie side!

Everyone loves a bright statement bag and some denim ripped pants. This look is very effortless and you will be able to pull it off many times in the future as well.

Tip: You should express how you feel all through the week through your clothes yet showing all of your quirky different sides.


by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Everyone's favorite day of the week is finally here! That can only mean one thing: It's cocktail time!

Wear your little black dress once you get off work or after your classes to a dinner or to a club. A woman should feel and look elegant at least once in a week, and that's why you should stick to your dress and some bright accessories.

Tip: Put on a pair of heels and work the runway!


by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Saturdays are perfect for long walks at the park or for taking your dog out and just enjoying some outdoor activities. After all, it's been a long and tough week so you can finally relax and breathe in some sun!

Look casual and feel comfy in your sportswear, you definitely deserved it after a long and workaholic week. Go for your Nike or Adidas and have some fun.

For the brave and bold ones who are up for partying two nights in a row, you can pull off your little red dress this time and have an amazing night.


by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Sunday's are all about spending time on your own and having some pamper moments.

You can spend an entire day in your VS romper or in your pajamas and yet feel great!

Turn on a good show, have a nail treatment and do your hair. In the end, you will look and feel like a million bucks.