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Makeup with a Nerdy Twist

Agent Carter Collection with Besame Cosmetics; Courtesy of Disney  — by Joceline Barron
Agent Carter Collection with Besame Cosmetics; Courtesy of Disney  — by Joceline Barron

With the recent popularity of nerd culture, women tend to be a second thought to that sort of an audience. But with the success of Her Universe, a female-run clothing line inspired by comics, movies, and TV Shows, many other companies have jumped on the nerdy girl bandwagon.  Makeup brands started to realize how much this was an untapped market and how girls already were doing nerdy/geeky inspired make up looks when they would see a movie or get all dressed up for a certain holiday so it made sense to market something that girls who loved makeup and girls who love geeky/nerdy things would both love.

Makeup brands have definitely not been shy of this trend. Storybook Cosmetics is one brand that is all about nerdy and pop culture. They have a line of Harry Potter Liquid Lipsticks in colors inspired by the Hogwarts houses. They have eyeshadow palettes inspired by movies, like Mean Girls and Harry Potter, and they have rose brushes that came out around the time that Beauty and the Beast came out. They also have brushes that look like wands from Harry Potter!

Another brand that has done some collaborations with some nerdy topics is Besame Cosmetics. They have done collections with Snow White involving lipstick that is a recreation of Snow White’s lip color and the color of lipstick that was popular doing the release of the movie, Avengers which involved some bright colored eyeshadow in colors of all the infinity stones and lip glosses names after the infinity stones, and Agent Carter which involved a collection of lipsticks that were inspired from the TV show, an eyeshadow palette with name referring to the show and a translucent powder with the symbol of Carter’s pin. Besame is a company that is all about retro makeup so all the collections have a very retro twist to them. So for some of the collections, it makes sense to do these collaborations in which they took place back in time, around the 1940s and 1950s.

Another brand that has done some nerdy collabs has been Lorac. They have come out with a Pirates of the Caribbean which had a lipstick and lip gloss set, a face palette and an eyeshadow palette. They also had a Beauty and the Beast collection, which had a liquid lipstick set, blush set, and an eyeshadow palette, around the time of the movie’s release.

MAC has even done some really cool collections like a Cinderella collection when the remake came out, and a Star Trek Collection. Even some drugstore brands have jumped on trends like how L’oreal came out with a Disney Collection inspired by Minnie Mouse. Covergirl came out with a Star Wars collection that was around when the last Star Wars movie was released.

It seems as if this has been a gold mine from some companies because it has become more and more common for whoever uses makeup and loves nerdy/geeky things, then they are more inclined to buy these products, as a way to support the brand and the nerdy/geeky thing they are collaborating with. The money must be great since even drugstore makeup brands are also jumping in on the nerd bandwagon.

So not only is Geek Chic cool, it is also a very profitable business.

This article was originally published on @jobarr33