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Slouchy Fashion Trends Men Hate And We Love!

There’s a new trend in town and it’s one that’s changing our attitude to fashion and is even making people question its purpose. Confused? Let’s explain further…so, basically fashion trends should make us look good right? But how often do you feel comfortable wearing the latest trends? Be honest…not often right? And that’s why we’ve wholeheartedly welcomed the new slouchy fashion trends.

The clothes that normally make us look amazing are the styles that cinch waists, push up boobs and hug your legs and bum tightly. If that isn’t bad enough, these styles are usually teamed with shoes that elongate your legs yet destroy your feet and ankles! Some top designers in the fashion industry have turned their backs on such styles and introduced new slouchy fashion trends that have one purpose only: comfort.

Here are the most popular slouchy fashion trends at the moment:

Oversized t-shirt dresses

Most men just don’t get this trend at all. My mum doesn’t either. I guess it’s a gender/generalisation thing maybe? But you can’t deny that there’s something super stylish and casual about an oversized dress worn with flat sandals or a funky pair of kicks. This trend is going nowhere and it’s one that everyone should at least try once. You’d be surprised how flattering a long loose dress can look. Just don’t expect your boyfriend to like it.


Like most child stars, these were big in the 90s and then they disappeared off the face of the earth. Until now that is. Dungarees have made a huge comeback and we’re totally happy about this. They’re casual, they’re cute and above all…they’re comfortable. What more can you ask for? Roll ‘em up and wear with a cute pair of sandals and a colourful tee underneath. If you want to ‘dress up’ this look then team with a cropped top and statement jewellery.


He prefers you in skinny jeans but we think that’s boring. One of the biggest slouchy fashion trends at the moment is culottes. These are way more comfortable and chic and wide-legged trousers are perfect for summer in many ways. The loose cut means they won’t chafe your thighs and they’re going to keep you cooler than jeans any day. If you find a good man who gets this style then he’s a total keeper btw.


Some night clubs still have a no trainers policy and we think they need to get with the programme. Trainers are the new going out shoe and we think that’s because they’re damn comfortable as well as cute. Trainer designs have come a long way over the past few decades and a cute pair of kicks can work well with a number of different outfits.

If you’re going out dancing why wear shoes you can’t even walk in?

Viva Le Comfort Revolution!