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Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

by Lauren Tharp
by Lauren Tharp

I know I’m a bit late to the party on this, but I finally got around to checking out Paris Fashion Week.

Why did I bother, you ask?

Well, as much as I dislike haute couture (those people take themselves a bit too seriously, for my taste!), “high” fashion trickles down to the likes of us normal folk. What you see on the runways in Paris eventually shows up – in slightly-more-normal form – in the stores you and I shop at.

Here’s what I observed, and what I predict will make its way to the shops we everyday gals splurge at:

1. Primary Colors

Bold, basic, colors were prevalent throughout the show. Black and white were staples, as usual, of course (B&W will never go out of fashion); but so were primary (red, blue, yellow) colors and shades thereof.

2. 1980s Outfits

Think Working Girl in the daytime and Princess Di at night.

Power suits reigned supreme throughout the show. As did dresses with puffed sleeves, for nighttime wear.

Shoulder pads were an essential element of almost every fashion look this year. The bigger, the better!

Everything was focused in an upward direction. High-waisted pants and skirts drew the eye upward to the torso where broad-shouldered boxy cuts ruled the models’ upper bodies.

And, of course, since the warmer weather is coming, they had to showcase some shorts. This year’s shorts are high-waisted and boxy. Think 1980’s “power” shorts.

Not into the yuppie looks? Wishing that you could wear something from the ‘80s that wasn’t business-minded or glamour? Then I have some good(?) news: shellsuits are back. You know… those puffy workout suits people used to wear back in the day? I saw plenty of two-piece tracksuits paired with pointy-toed spike heels hit the runway this year.

3. 1980s Accessories

Fanny packs are BACK, People! Sound the alarm! It finally happened!

This is one fashion look from the runway that I’ve actually witnessed in person over the past few weeks. And I honestly don’t know how to feel.

Fanny packs give me an air of nostalgia (I had one, same as everyone else, back in the day!), and they can be quite useful… But do they look good on anyone? I’d lean towards “no” on that one. No matter how you wear a fanny pack – slung in the front or the back – it adds an unflattering bulge to your outfit and figure.

Thankfully, belts are also “in” right now. Nearly every dress and flowing top I witnessed was belted in some way or another. Fancy belts adorned with decorative buckles cinched in clothing to give them more of an overall “shape.”

Earrings and handbags seemed to follow one simple principle: the bigger, the better!

And for your hair? A scrunchie, of course!

by Lauren Tharp
by Lauren Tharp

4. Prints and Trims

Checkered prints and florals seem to be the trend this year where prints are concerned.

As for trims, I saw a lot of fringe, sequins, and feathers.

My Thoughts

I’m not super into this year’s looks, but what I saw does give me hope for the future. My personal tastes lean more towards 1980’s New Wave looks than “working girl” styles. And bright, bold, primary colors are only one step away from my personal favorite trend: neon accents!

The colors and the general fun feeling of this year’s clothes was refreshing. I’m not a fan of the styles or cuts (mainly because they don’t work very well for my particular body type); however, I’m definitely relieved to see that 1970’s bohemian and hippie styles are finally on their way out. I’ve waited many, many, looooooooooooong years to say “farewell” to the peasant top!

At the very least, I welcome the change of pace this year’s fashions will bring. And I feel it’s a step in the right direction.

I’m curious to see what we’ll end up with next year!