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The Best Linen Outfit Ideas For Hot Weather

Loving the linen look — by Unsplash
Loving the linen look — by Unsplash

Summer can be a difficult time for choosing clothes. You may want to pull out all the short dresses you have, but find that even these are too hot to wear or not smart enough (if you have any work events or evenings out). This is why we’ve compiled the best linen outfit ideas for hot weather to keep you cool and chic so you can enjoy the sunshine without breaking a sweat!

The simple shirt

Every summer wardrobe should have a linen staple t-shirt that can be paired with jeans on colder days; shorts on the hottest and a skirt – if you want to feel a little more dressed up.

Getting one in neutral colours also means it will work with just about anything. This means you can mix and match freely with the wardrobe you already have. Who says that keeping up to date with the best linen outfit ideas for hot weather will cost you lots of money?

Striped t-shirt – Jigsaw- £24

The work shirt

You may think of stiff cotton when you think of a suitable work wardrobe. But investing in this linen summer staple will keep you cool when the office fan breaks down, or you’re stuck in a meeting for hours on end.

Linen shirt – H&M - £29.99

So many choices so little time... — by Pixabay
So many choices so little time... — by Pixabay

The day skirt

Finally! A skirt that isn’t tight, is in a gorgeous summery colour and has pockets for your sunglasses, sunscreen or anything else you need for the day!

Linen is no longer a fabric for the older generation with so many pretty skirt styles to choose from. Plus it guarantees you a comfortable and colourful look for the summer.

Asos Design mini skirt with button front – Asos - £22

The summer dress

There should be a linen maxi dress in every wardrobe as a summer staple.

A striped dress can be worn with a floppy hat and sandals for a relaxing stroll in the sun or paired with colourful jewellery and a pretty pair of wedges for a more glamorous evening look. Wherever you decide to wear it with, this dress will keep you cool and confident.

Bardot Button Through Stripe Linen Maxi Dress – Boohoo - £25

If you want to get your whole wardrobe ready for summer you can check out other Summer 2018 Fashion Trends and let us know what linen staples you can't live without below!

This article was originally published on @sophiechadwick