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Upcycle your unwanted items

plant boots

‘One person’s trash is another man’s treasure’. This saying has so much truth to it! Are you the type to throw away anything you don’t use anymore? If you really want to get rid of stuff, donate it to charity so it can still be reused by other people. Another option is to find a way to repurpose those unwanted items and upcycle them into amazing DIY projects. Get creative, here are some great projects to get you inspired!

Clever plant containers

Just hold on to old household items like oven- and bakeware and repurpose them. You can for example turn a boring bread pan into a picturesque window planter with a colourful succulent garden. Cutest thing I've ever layed eyes on!

Don't have any kitchenware to spare? Just clean out your shoe closet and look for old shoes or boots that you'll never wear again. Turn your raggedy shoes with holes in the soles into sensational shoe planters. Fill them up to the brim with a mixture of natural and organic fertilizers and soil, then plant your favourite flowers. You can even plant some cacti in a pair of stilleto heels. What a great look!

If you use cacti or other succulents you won't need to do much maintenance because they don't need a lot of water.

Vinyl clock

Got some old vinyl records laying around that you never even listen to anymore? Why not turn them into something else, something like an incredibly cool clock? Take your boring wall clock to the next level with a fabulous vinyl record look. Super easy to make, just follow these simple steps:

vinyl clock

1. Get the materials you need for this DIY project: a vinyl record (preferably one you don’t listen to anymore), an electric clock, a screwdriver and some pliers or an adjustable wrench

2. Unscrew your old clock: Just grab that old boring thing, flip it over, and take its screws.

3. Out with the old, in with the old: Remove the glass on the front of the clock and pull off the hands. Then take off the nut underneath where the hands were, do this with your pliers or adjustable wrench. And voila, you are now ready to marry your old clock to your old vinyl record, wonderful!

4. Assemble away: Insert and then screw the movement into the record, securing it with the nut.

5. Finish it all off with a splash of paint: Put the hands back on the vinyl clock. Depending on their color, you might want to paint them. Don’t forget to put the battery in, enjoy!

pallet desk organizer

Pallet desk organizer

Messy desk? Not anymore, with this beautiful pallet desk organizer. It will give your a nice rustic character to your office space. You can put some colourful plants and cacti in there to brighten up your desk, your picture frames and even a little notebook will also fit in there nicely.

This organizer doesn't have to be reserved to your desk though, you can put it anywhere you like for decorative or storage purposes. It can hold anything anywhere you like: in the kitchen you can store kitchen utensils in it and in the bathroom you can put all of your toiletries on its shelves. Who doesn't like some multifunctional storage space?

And voila, some inspiration for you to get your hands dirty and repurpose unwanted items. DIY darlings!

This article was originally published on greenliving